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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Giveaway for you...the Results Show

For all of your Bachelorette Fans this Giveaway is like this man making this woman the happiest person ever...minus the drama and the making out...oh, and any long-term commitment (oh, wait, I don't think they have those on that show either!).

So, I hope my announcement makes you all just as happy! NEVER in the history of blogging (at least my blog) has this EVER occurred but...I am going to give away a Bibfolio to ALL of those who entered!!
So, send me an email here to make contact and we will work out all of the details.

You are the luckiest blog readers EVER!!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010


The secondary title to this post could be, "I'm losing my giveaway virginity because goodness knows you bloggers out there have too many followers for me to actually win anything."

Okay, so I am not cool enough yet (foreshadowing?) to have companies offer me free stuff to giveaway on my ever-popular blog and I am too poor to really buy anything (mostly because I just used all my extra pennies to buy a new runner for my hallway from Pottery Barn...yummy)

This is on my office floor because the UPS JUST DELIVERED IT LIKE 5 MINUTES AGO!!! It will look much awesomer in my house!!

Anyway, last week or a few days ago, I don't know, I posted a blog about my race bling (check it out if you are a newcomer or chose to ignore the amazing blog I provided for your enjoyment) and the cool bibfolio I made for myself with all of my race bibs. Then providence struck...

TMB over at Racing With Babes gave me this great idea and she didn't even know it!! I am going to giveaway a personalized bibfolio made FOR YOU by ME! So I have like 6 followers so the likelihood of winning may be high...however the point is to increase the number of followers from 6 to, umm..., like 10!

So how to enter is this...
1. Post my giveaway on your blog with a link to mine and leave a comment that you have done so for me.
2. Follow my blog, if you don't already, and leave a comment letting me know how much you LOVE ME!!

What you will have to do if you win is either mail me your bibs, or if you're local we can meet up, and I will take it from there, make an amazing bibfolio and mail or hand-deliver it back to you, my wonderful reader!

You have until Tuesday, August 3rd, at noon to enter (I have to make it a long time to give this amazing news time to penetrate the web =) and the winner will be randomly selected by my co-worker, Lisa, and announced via another awesome blog post on Wednesday, August 4th. PS. By randomly I mean that your comments will be judged on how well you suck up to me and Lisa...and boy, is she a tough character...=)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Race Bling...I LOVE IT!

So, I have seen on a few blogs around that there is a challenge out there to show how you display/store your race bling. Well, I am at a slight disadvantage here...My Dad made me the coolest plaque to hold all of my medals but he hasn't given it to me yet...so no display. But I did want to show you a few things I do have completed!

So, I did Augusta 70.3 half-Ironman last year and thus far it has been my biggest race. So I wanted to treat the BLING from that race just a little bit differently from the others. So I made a shadow box with my medal, race number, arm band from transition entry and an awesome piece of artwork made by a Team in Training compatriot and sold as one of her fundraiser projects. This gal is from the Augusta, GA area and is a photographer. So she went out on the bike course and took pictures of some of the memorable vistas on the course...including an old ferris wheel on a farm...SO COOL...Enjoy...

I also am a bit of a pack rat. I never plaed sports as a kid so never got the "Thanks for Participating, Everyone is a winner" trophies. I think it was a void I needed to fill with Medals, Ribbons and T-shirts. So, one of the other pieces of racing memorabilia that I have decided to keep are my race bibs. I saw this super cool webiste that will make you a bibfolio. It is a cover with binder rings that has your name printed on it and a solid background. I REALLY wanted one but they were like $40! So, I decided to make my own. Not only is it like mini-scrapbooking, which I love, but it is very personalized!
See some snaps below!

This is the cover!

I totally swiped borrowed pictures of each of may races. Now, I HATED them all at the time they were shot and this allowed me to realized that they weren't as bad as I thought. I also added the date, distance and race time to each bib along with a corresponding race picture. I got all of the dates and race times from athlinks.com...I'm am not that good that I remember them all! (PS. I am OCD so they are in date order and its fun to see me shrink as the races progress!)

I love that the one for the Muddy Buddy is still MUDDY!

And I especially love this Bib because I met the original Team Hoyt! I LOVE THEIR STORY!!! Click on the link and check it out if you don't know about this remarkable father and son team!

So, what do you do with your bibs?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Man, Life is Tough!!!

So, I arrived home Monday from a trying and difficult trip to Hawaii. I say that just to make everyone feel better...the only thing trying about it was the time difference and the sun poisoning I got on the first day. Yes, I know...I forgot sunblock at the beach...when you're dumb you've got to be tough...and I sure am tough. Oh, and Poi...I hate Poi. (as you can see above.) Anyway, it was wonderful! We saw active lava flow, old lava (I Love Lava, btw), black sand beaches, snorkelled at night with Manta Rays, went to my old college stomping grounds, the Polynesian Cultural Center and the SWAP MEET! (Its the very best place to buy souveniers while you're in Hawaii. Anywhere else is just a rip-off!)
Anyway, just to rub it in a little more I thought I would include a few more pictures...enjoy...
Some lovely lava on Kona...road covered in May 2010
Gorgeous Black Sand Beach...another form of Lava. See why its so cool?
Its hard to see but this is the still smoking crater of Mt. Kilauea
The official start and finish line of the Kona Ironman Race...One Day...reluctantly...
My college....Go Seasiders!!!
Waikiki!! I do love Oahu...I think it is definitely the prettiest island...granted, I've only been to two of the Hawaiian Islands but Oahu is green and gorgeous...and HOME.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome to my Family...or "Just the Two of Us!"

So, I have a new love...his name is Neville. I almost named him Angus because if he talked it would definitely be with a Scottish brogue and if he wore clothes he would definitely sport a kilt and an eye patch...but as it is...he is Neville. He is a Sugar Glider (bear) and a marsupial. (BTW, this isn't actually him but he looks just like this only Neville has an annoyed look in his big brown eyes...wishing the giant beast would get her freaking hands out of his cage.) We are working on bonding because he is still a baby and not at all used to humans. So I have to catch him while he is asleep and place him in a pouch. Now your supposed to wear the pouch around, like around your neck or something, but he doesn't like it if his pouch moves or bounces around a lot. So basically Neville lives in my sports bra and really likes being there. (familiar, huh? Most men would...I guess someone might as well enjoy the girls...) Anyway, I love him but he isn't so sure about me...that also sounds familiar...oh no, Neville might be about to break up with me.
Ah-ha...he can't...he's in a CAGE!
That must be the trick to a lasting relationship...duly noted.

I also ran this morning for the first time in over TWO MONTHS!!! And....my hip still hurts. I'm off to the Witch Doctor this afternoon so he can fix it and help me figure out why I'm still broken! AHHHHHH!!!!