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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Race Bling...I LOVE IT!

So, I have seen on a few blogs around that there is a challenge out there to show how you display/store your race bling. Well, I am at a slight disadvantage here...My Dad made me the coolest plaque to hold all of my medals but he hasn't given it to me yet...so no display. But I did want to show you a few things I do have completed!

So, I did Augusta 70.3 half-Ironman last year and thus far it has been my biggest race. So I wanted to treat the BLING from that race just a little bit differently from the others. So I made a shadow box with my medal, race number, arm band from transition entry and an awesome piece of artwork made by a Team in Training compatriot and sold as one of her fundraiser projects. This gal is from the Augusta, GA area and is a photographer. So she went out on the bike course and took pictures of some of the memorable vistas on the course...including an old ferris wheel on a farm...SO COOL...Enjoy...

I also am a bit of a pack rat. I never plaed sports as a kid so never got the "Thanks for Participating, Everyone is a winner" trophies. I think it was a void I needed to fill with Medals, Ribbons and T-shirts. So, one of the other pieces of racing memorabilia that I have decided to keep are my race bibs. I saw this super cool webiste that will make you a bibfolio. It is a cover with binder rings that has your name printed on it and a solid background. I REALLY wanted one but they were like $40! So, I decided to make my own. Not only is it like mini-scrapbooking, which I love, but it is very personalized!
See some snaps below!

This is the cover!

I totally swiped borrowed pictures of each of may races. Now, I HATED them all at the time they were shot and this allowed me to realized that they weren't as bad as I thought. I also added the date, distance and race time to each bib along with a corresponding race picture. I got all of the dates and race times from athlinks.com...I'm am not that good that I remember them all! (PS. I am OCD so they are in date order and its fun to see me shrink as the races progress!)

I love that the one for the Muddy Buddy is still MUDDY!

And I especially love this Bib because I met the original Team Hoyt! I LOVE THEIR STORY!!! Click on the link and check it out if you don't know about this remarkable father and son team!

So, what do you do with your bibs?

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  1. Dear Emily -
    I love the shadow box. One day I am going to upgrade my marathon medals to something like it. On another note. Please, please please make me a bibfolio like that. All my bibs are in a drawer collecting dust. Seriously, I would really appreciate one and then we can all forget about the stalker incident. OK, I was kidding about the stalker thing. That was flat out flattering. But I am not kidding about the bibfolio!