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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Man, Life is Tough!!!

So, I arrived home Monday from a trying and difficult trip to Hawaii. I say that just to make everyone feel better...the only thing trying about it was the time difference and the sun poisoning I got on the first day. Yes, I know...I forgot sunblock at the beach...when you're dumb you've got to be tough...and I sure am tough. Oh, and Poi...I hate Poi. (as you can see above.) Anyway, it was wonderful! We saw active lava flow, old lava (I Love Lava, btw), black sand beaches, snorkelled at night with Manta Rays, went to my old college stomping grounds, the Polynesian Cultural Center and the SWAP MEET! (Its the very best place to buy souveniers while you're in Hawaii. Anywhere else is just a rip-off!)
Anyway, just to rub it in a little more I thought I would include a few more pictures...enjoy...
Some lovely lava on Kona...road covered in May 2010
Gorgeous Black Sand Beach...another form of Lava. See why its so cool?
Its hard to see but this is the still smoking crater of Mt. Kilauea
The official start and finish line of the Kona Ironman Race...One Day...reluctantly...
My college....Go Seasiders!!!
Waikiki!! I do love Oahu...I think it is definitely the prettiest island...granted, I've only been to two of the Hawaiian Islands but Oahu is green and gorgeous...and HOME.


  1. So beautiful, you are very lucky to have gone again!

  2. Thanks for trying to make me feel better...didn't work though.

    I too love lava, though I have never seen it in real life. It gives me an adrenaline rush though, cause seriously, that's some power mother earth there!