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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome to my Family...or "Just the Two of Us!"

So, I have a new love...his name is Neville. I almost named him Angus because if he talked it would definitely be with a Scottish brogue and if he wore clothes he would definitely sport a kilt and an eye patch...but as it is...he is Neville. He is a Sugar Glider (bear) and a marsupial. (BTW, this isn't actually him but he looks just like this only Neville has an annoyed look in his big brown eyes...wishing the giant beast would get her freaking hands out of his cage.) We are working on bonding because he is still a baby and not at all used to humans. So I have to catch him while he is asleep and place him in a pouch. Now your supposed to wear the pouch around, like around your neck or something, but he doesn't like it if his pouch moves or bounces around a lot. So basically Neville lives in my sports bra and really likes being there. (familiar, huh? Most men would...I guess someone might as well enjoy the girls...) Anyway, I love him but he isn't so sure about me...that also sounds familiar...oh no, Neville might be about to break up with me.
Ah-ha...he can't...he's in a CAGE!
That must be the trick to a lasting relationship...duly noted.

I also ran this morning for the first time in over TWO MONTHS!!! And....my hip still hurts. I'm off to the Witch Doctor this afternoon so he can fix it and help me figure out why I'm still broken! AHHHHHH!!!!


  1. I didn't know you could have pets like that, I thought they were restricted to the wild :)
    Sorry to hear you are still broken, I know how much you love to run! Hopefully the witch doctor can fix you up!

  2. sigh! hawaii? look gorgeous.