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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Before and After...and After That?

Wow...I am proud of myself. I am not at all where I want to be but I have come a long way. I was creating an super-awesome bibfolio last week and I wanted to include some race pics...now, if you know me AT ALL you know that I have never taken a flattering race picture or one that I was remotely interested in seeing EVER again. But now that I actually look at them, and I have a buffer of time and weight loss behind me, I can feel a bit better about how they look. None of them were quite as grotesque as I originally thought they were. Although, the size of my face in the first picture is pretty grotesque...That is my super cool sister, Sarah, in that picture with me. She challenged all 3 of her sisters to complete the Ntelos 8K that year and only the chubbiest took her up on it. I am so glad she did and I am so glad I accepted. Thanks, Casper! Anyway, this is just to affirm that I can keep going! My deadline is 27 weeks away...that is less than 2 lbs a week...while steep, it is still within my grasp. My only concern is my inability to run or exercise in a way to actually burn a lot of calories and my inability to avoid McDonald's french fries. Bad Combo! But...the Witch Doctor has granted me permission to swim without the pull bouy, mind you slowly, but to phase the dratted pull bouy out. I will recap my weekend in NYC once my friends upload their pictures!

PS..I do accept tips and/or suggestions
pps...I do realize how many times I used "super" and "..." in this super post...
ppps...I hope I am forgiven for using copyrighted imagery in my post...Steve in a Speedo does it so I will claim ignorance.


  1. You...are awesome...Or should I say super? :) Okay, so the "..." I use all the time anyway and in fact I had already used a set before I decided to write super and tease you so I just threw another set in :)

  2. I use "AWESOME" all the time. Usually, when I don't mean it... like, "your daughter has an ear infection." "AWESOME!". It's *super* that you're able to reflect in a positive light. Good for you. When I'm injured and "over" swimming I enjoy walking, but I recognize that it might not be something you're able to enjoy. As for The GOLDEN MOO. I have used aversion therapy successfully and now feel faintly nauseated by the idea of eating their food. I used an image of the cellulite and stretch marks on my own legs, but if that doesn't work for you, try this: put a mental image of a dissected sheep brain in your head anytime you think about driving through and getting fries. ((There, now don't say I never did anything for you.))