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Friday, May 21, 2010

Towelheads and Zoloft

What do individuals of Middle Eastern descent and one of the markets most popular anti-depressants have in common? Me.

Okay, so I am not a racist and do not really refer to any other peoples/culture in my title. I am literally referring to a person with a towel on their head. DRIVING DOWN 95N at that! And I know it was even more distracting of me to try to take a picture of it but it was just too funny to pass up. In fact, I had to try a few times to get a good shot of her and I am sure she could tell what I was doing. But if you're that late to work that you leave with a towel still on your head then you need to loosen up your schedule a bit. Try waking up, I don't know, 5 seconds earlier.

And I am not YET on Zoloft, but it might be a good idea since I have lost the tiny grip on sanity that running gave me. Seriously, who knew that I was this much of a mess underneath my endorphin-filled training schedule...I AM MISERABLE!!!!! And I am still not running...or cycling..or swimming in any manner that could be construed as actual exercise. It's so bad that I was parking in a full parking deck this week and had to go all the way to the top level. I was sooooo excited just to take the stairs...shhhh...don't tell the Witch Doctor. Speaking of the Witch Doctor, he says I am getting better and has given me corresponding homework...none of which involves breaking a sweat but here's to hoping, right?

And yet again, speaking of the Witch Doctor...I had a bit of a celebrity moment. So, I am laying on the traction contraption at Dr. G's place and I saw someone come in pushing a stroller and trailing small children...I thought she looked familiar. So, in a massive HIPPA violation (shhhh...don't tell the Witch Doctor), I checked the sign-in list and, yes, it was her! So I snuck back and introduced myself and apologized for being stalky but it was TMB!!! It is silly, I know, but it was like a celebrity sighting! I feel like I know her from reading her blog but I didn't at all until today! Woo-hoo! Sorry, TMB for that little invasion of privacy! =)
PS...to all of my 5, yes 5, thank you Jess for the clarification, readers...I would like to announce a fundraiser this evening at the Pour House in Short Pump. Its is for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Team in Training for my training buddy (when I am whole and healthy) Sarah. (Click on her link to donate if you can!) She is an awesome teammate from my Augusta 70.3 team (at this time I would normally link to a race recap like any good blogger would do...but no, I am a bad blogger and never recapped.) Its funny, and not in a good way, that when I got involved with Team in Training I had little to no experiences with Leukemia or Lymphoma in my life but just needed help training for a triathlon. Well, my sister's father-in-law has sinced passed away from Leukemia and a good friend of the family was just diagnosed with Lymphoma this week. And while I don't know yet what her outcome will be, I know that I have done a lot to help already and will continue to do more as soon as I am healthy. TNT isn't just a good way to meet like-minded friends or get prepared for an endurnace event, although it is great for both of those things, it is also making a huge differences to the individuals and families affected by cancers of the blood.
Sorry to end on a down note but that could be the need for Zoloft taking over again! =)


  1. You are too funny! First with the towelhead and then with the "celebrity moment" Feel free to stalk as much as you would like. It was great meeting you!

  2. Laughing... you crack me up!

    So. I just wanted to refer you back to my blog in like, JAN when the witch Dr was all about the "no running" thing and I was going INSANE. IN.SANE. I need my endorphins too. I'm a much happier person, and therefore my life is happier, my kids are happier, etc and so forth when I CAN RUN. I feel for you. Please, if you ever need anything, let me know. I will wrap a towel around my head and come right over....