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Monday, May 10, 2010

Okay, I know I'm the Worst Blogger Ever...

Okay, so it has been waaaaay too long for me to be absent from the blogging world and my 3, or is it 4, readers have been missing me and my quippy posts...I will try a recap to catch you up on my last month.

1. So, I have lost enough weight to fit inside of my bridesmaid dress, but would love to lose a smidge more so it would be more comfortable...but since the wedding is Saturday it doesn't look as though that will be happening.

2. I had my first, and possibly only/last race of the year (see later bullet points for explanation although this may be a bit of a dramatic exaggeration). Brooke (of Dr. OZ and amazing weight loss fame) and I (of whining bloggy fame with 3, or maybe 4, readers) did the Muddy Buddy and made team Running our Masses off proud! It was hot, muddy and a lot of fun! Next year we will be super svelte and super fast! Watch out Dirty Birds, Team Hoo-Yah and Mother Daughter Slaughter! We're coming for you!!

3. I am BENCHED! The Witch Doctor said I had to stop running, oh and everything else...FOREVER. No he didn't really say exactly that but that is what I heard! =( I have gone through periods of time in my life without running (ie: all winter and the first 26 years of my life, to name a few) but this last weekend has made me INSANE because I can't. I mean I could if I wanted to ignore sensible doctor recommendations...I could run and it would hurt but I would finish because that's what I do...but I can't! I am trying to be a sensible, sane adult who listens to what educated, medical personnel suggest. So, besides the fact that I just seriously scolded one of my co-workers for daring to open his mouth in my presence, I'm doing okay. (and this is the very nice co-worker who brings me his People magazines after he and his wife finish reading them and had just dropped one on my desk just minutes before I yelled at him! I am a terrible person!!)

I need some Prozac or something....


  1. Muddy Buddy awesome!
    Witch Dr putting you on hold - not awesome!

    Hope it's nothing serious!

  2. 5 followers Em....5

    Sad day about the running, that is WHO YOU ARE to me. Can you still going walking...you know, just to take the edge off?

    Word Verification "systyphi" seriously? It's like they WANT you to mess up.