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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Objects in the Mirror are not as Hopeless as they Appear!

Okay, so if you meet me today you may notice a vast improvement in my attitude today...the sun is up (not quite), the birds are tweeting (somewhere not rainy) and I went swimming this morning. Now before you get all worried that I broke the rules of the Witch Doctor let me assure you that I did not. I used a pull buoy (as seen in image above) to swim for about 45 minutes and let me tell you...those endorphins are humming again. No wonder they say exercise is addicting...hmmmm (sigh of contentment). I also used my new toy today...I had recently purchased an mp3 player for underwater uses. The headphones were little thingys that stuck in your ears...but...when your ears filled up with water as they inevitably do then the sound was blocked out. I was constantly having to stop and adjust them. So I figured it was time to unleash the big dogs. I got on ebay and found my new swimming companion...my SwiMP3 player. So it uses bone conduction to hear the music so it doesn't matter if water gets in your ears. It is WONDERFUL! And I hadn't even thought about it being Tuesday and some of the TNT folks showed up to swim as I was finishing up my workout. It was a twofer!

Anyway, I have to work today AND tonight so if you happen to see me at my place of business this evening and I am asleep on the counter...don't wake me up! I need to catch my "zzzzz's" so I can watch Glee when I get home tonight and still get up to swim again tomorrow. I am even feeling so good that I may or may not have planned a race schedule (that is dependent upon my recovery, of course) but it gives me something to look forward to!

1. July- Rockett's Landing- (this one may be pushing it...we'll see)
2. August- Pink Power Triathlon
3. September- Either Naylor's Beach or Patriots Olympic Tri
4. October- Giant Acorn Tri
5. November- Richmond Suntrust Half-Marathon (if I can't do the full at least I can aim for the half. I've never run the Richmond Half before...so something new...and a medal!)

I hope this isn't too ambitious! =)


  1. that's crazy stuff about the SwiMP3. And the races...ambitious :)