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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Du-Dum,Du-Dum, Du-Dum (menacing music)

So, the happy, nice me is mostly gone. No wonder I needed two-a-day workouts...the endorphins didn't last too much past lunch...or maybe it was the most obnoxious human beings in the world coming in direct contact with my edorphin-laden self. They then proceeded to suck all of them away by being presumptuous and rude. Or maybe I'm just less patient than I think I am. I just really don't like people taking crap off my desk without asking!!!!!!

Wow, on another note...two posts in one day!?!

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  1. It's okay, I don't read blog posts in order...or timely...or in an orderly time (timely order?).

    Sorry about people taking stuff from your desk, I always ask and wait for you to hand the stuff to me :)