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Monday, April 5, 2010

This weekend was WONDERFUL!! I was an active, productive individual...much different from the last 6 months or so! After a hilly but wonderful run, I tried to strip my front porch (not strip ON my front porch but to remove the paint FROM my front porch)...but the stripper did not work (they rarely do unless you pay them well!)...so on to another project! I painted the wardrobe where I keep my TV. It was unpainted wood and I have had the blasted thing since high school and have been meaning to paint it for years...I have included a picture above of the finished project although it has slightly less of an impact since I forgot a "before" shot...

I have also included some pictures of my little spring decor in the house and some mother nature has provided outside. My forsythia were GORGEOUS this year!!! Maybe because this year they were actually mine. I think they didn't want to bloom for a vacant house last year and are just so tickled to be loved and appreciated that they bloomed their little hearts out this year! Ahhhh....did I mention I love spring?

I also dusted off old Petunia (my bike) for our first ride since like November. I don't mean our first ride outdoors, I mean our first ride altogether. I even purchased a bike trainer this year and it sat inside its little box in my office/guest/exercise room for the last 3 months...oops. But it was a beautiful day to ride. The dogwoods and cherry trees were all showing their colors! Warm weather, sun out...SpeeDee and G were great company! You can more of our exploits and gushing compliments of me at their blogs!

As an aside, I had received the gift of a bike fitting for Christmas because Santa knows what Mama needs! They told me that my seat had been like six inches too short and they also extended the space between my handlebars and my seat. I was freaking out a little when I got on but the back didn't hurt and the knees didn't hurt...WONDERFUL! But I'm still afraid to stop and unclip, or unclip and stop, without falling.


  1. OK, the stripping jokes nearly made me fall off the chair. I really read it at first that you were stripping!

    And can I just say, I am a little jealous that I didn't get invited on yesterday's ride? You are not allowed to steal my training partner and not take me with you!!

  2. As I recall T, G did invite you to the ride but you couldn't come b/c of J's bday! Let me make a permanent and open invite to you ANYTIME you want to ride with us! You are always welcome...

    And Em, time to pick a goal please! Just one!
    Love you!