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Monday, April 12, 2010

Having a shower with 30 Women in a very small space...

Doesn't that title seem promising...but instead of titillating details and salacious gossip, you will get photos of my baked goods! =) I threw a Bridal Shower for my good friend Lacy on Saturday. As the maid of honor it is my job to make sure Lacy has the utmost opportunity to receive awesome gifts and I think it was a job well done. After killing my lawn mower because my grass was waaay too tall, I spent all night Friday night baking for said shower, not even tasting the goods, mind you! Saturday morning I tried to resurrect my lawn mower to no avail and borrowed a neighbors...which then proceeded to quit working...I am down to 1/6th of a lawn left to cut and 2 mowers down for the count...I tried mine again and finally was able to finish. I showered, changed, and finished a little more cleaning and baking to have everything ready as guests started to arrive. Now my house is a fair sized home for one person...it is NOT meant for 30! But we squeezed in, ate and celebrated, watched Lacy open gifts and I got a lovely one in return! I will have to take a picture of it with my new camera (ohhh-ahhhhh) but Lacy gave me the gorgeous necklace I had been oggling at the bridal shop to go with my bridemaid's dress...which I STILL DON'T THINK WILL FIT. I am down 7 lbs from where I was...Yeah...but still have a little ways to go to avoid the back cleavage travesty...and NO! I won't take a picture of that!


  1. Your table & refreshments turned out cute!

  2. Thanks for your comment in the blog. I will take that to heart. Timely too, since I rode last night at the gym (on a fake bike) and when I got off I walked like a drunk to the shower thinking, "AND NOW HOW am I going to RUN A 5K after that!!!"

    So, I'm stuck in weight loss hell, but the good news for you is that by just knowing me, you can lose your weight. Seriously, all my friends are shedding pounds like mad. So, you can do this... and, if it makes you feel better, I too have a dress with "back cleavage" in my future... only its on FRIDAY of this week, which means limited time to "change" the situation. Since it's not a wedding, I could technically change dresses. But isn't that admitting defeat on the battle & letting the BackCleavage win?