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Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh Dear!

I will not regail you all with the stories of my recent woes as many of you have heard them time and time again...sorry! But suffice to say I was in Vegas (with my lovely shoes which served me well as long as I stayed inside because it was too cold for sandals...boo) and then trapped in an airport for two days because an unnamed AMERICAN airline decided to OVERBOOK EVERYFLIGHT KNOWN TO MAN by WAAAAY TO MANY PEOPLE! Anyway, with my rant completed...those morons sent me a survey for my flight experience...I think they must have not meant to send it to me, they couldn't possibly have realized that I would rather die than fly on their airplanes again...well, not actually because that would be silly and over-dramatic and I would fly on their airplanes the minute I was given FREE VOUCHERS!

This week has been a melange of exhaustion, emotional distress and all kinds of craziness and I am just VERY excited to sleep this weekend and start over again next week. Sorry for so short and whiny a post.


  1. What airline! I haven't heard the stories! We should get together soon so you can tell me!!

  2. hope your weekend was better!