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Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh Dear!

I will not regail you all with the stories of my recent woes as many of you have heard them time and time again...sorry! But suffice to say I was in Vegas (with my lovely shoes which served me well as long as I stayed inside because it was too cold for sandals...boo) and then trapped in an airport for two days because an unnamed AMERICAN airline decided to OVERBOOK EVERYFLIGHT KNOWN TO MAN by WAAAAY TO MANY PEOPLE! Anyway, with my rant completed...those morons sent me a survey for my flight experience...I think they must have not meant to send it to me, they couldn't possibly have realized that I would rather die than fly on their airplanes again...well, not actually because that would be silly and over-dramatic and I would fly on their airplanes the minute I was given FREE VOUCHERS!

This week has been a melange of exhaustion, emotional distress and all kinds of craziness and I am just VERY excited to sleep this weekend and start over again next week. Sorry for so short and whiny a post.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blisters, Bad Decisions and Las Vegas

The title might fool you into thinking that something happened in Vegas that should stay in Vegas and may have caused blisters...maybe I should just leave it there and let you think the worst for a little while...

No, actually the title is composed of 3 different subject matters that I have combined into one post...and I might throw a few more in for fun but didn't want the title to be too wordy.

BLISTERS: So, I didn't mention it because I haven't blogged lately, but I bought new running shoes earlier this week after mine were TOAST on Monday night. I also invested in a pair of Nike capri's that were on sale at the running store. Of course, they seem to ALWAYS be out of my size and I have to wait for new ones to come in but this time I CAN'T because I am going to Las Vegas- more on this later. So I asked what would be similar...so of course they bring out a shoe that is "basically the same" as my other shoe, only more expensive. This is the Nimbus (which makes me feel like I'm flying...on a BROOM) versus the Cumulus (which is like floating on a cloud, I guess, but I just wish the cloud would move faster so I wouldn't have to work so hard!). Anyway, took the Nimbus' out for a spin this morning on my Seal Team PT run option bright and early this AM. I was feeling good, legs a little tired from the week's exertions so far, but feeling good. By the end of the run I am sporting blisters all over my feet. Now for those of you who run with me you may remember a number of years ago I was plagued by blisters until through no change or effort of my own just stopped appearing. I hope this is not a reappearance of the plague. Most of you would not be shocked to hear that a new shoe would cause a blister but to me it is a mystery that I need to solve. First of all, the brand is the same and its just a more expensive version of the shoe I have ALWAYS worn. My socks are about 50 years old and I have run in them hundreds of times, so it is not that. My feet are the same old feet, may gait is the same old hip-shaking gait...and to top it all off...I was wearing my own orthodic inserts in my shoe so its not the insole. Someone please explain. I wonder if Harry's Nimbus 2000 gave him blisters???

BAD DECISIONS: I received my shoes that I blogged about in a previous post and I wish I had ordered some in different colors. Don't you hate that? So not only can I not wear them until I decide, but then it will take forever to return them and get the new ones in...blah!

LAS VEGAS: Woo-hoo! So, I am not the hugest proponent of Las Vegas. I went once before and enjoyed myself, mostly because of my friends vs. the fact that we were in Vegas. I thought it was a bit dirty and waaaaaay to sleezy. I mean, come on, we're walking down the street and a porn bus stops to pick up passengers. Really? So now you can commute to work and "take care of business" at the same time (which is definitely a euphemism) saving time as well as going green. NICE. Anyway, my conference for work was moved from Boca Raton to Vegas to save money. I was not that excited until I saw the pictures of my hotel! I am going to be in heaven. (see above picture for a view of the lobby) There is a flat screen TV in the bathroom over the soaking tub! Ugh! Wonderful! And I get to see Cirque de Soleil's LOVE show...I LOVE the Beatles! And finally, so awesome friends from Hawaii and some good ole ONO grindz (Ono means "good" in Hawaii and grindz means "food") from L&L's! I am one happy cookie despite Blisters and Bad Decisions!!