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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wetsuit + Ocean = SHARKBAIT!

So, I really do have to apologize for posting twice in one day but my avid followers will want to know the breaking news...a kind and gentle kitesurfer was SURROUNDED by a group of sharks and fatally attacked. The Sharks in question are NOT of the Puerto Rican variety often found in the 60's on the streets of New York singing and dancing...no...these are the great white, cold-blooded variety that desire man-flesh above all else.

Now, I know what some of you will say...he was alone, it is a rare occurance, blah blah blah blah!! All it take is one (or a whole pack of) sharks to decide that you might be the next best thing since beef jerky! So what would make a group of sharks swarm and molest this young man with their razor-sharp teeth? The article suggests that perhaps they are juvenile sharks and didn't know that the lycra-clad man was not an appetizer...is that supposed to make me feel better???? New sharks are born every single year which means there is always a fresh crop of juvenile sharks...and this, my friends, is why I do not participate in triathlons with ocean swims...or any ocean swimming as a matter of principle. (This freaks me out WAAAAAY more than the possiblity of alligators in Augusta!)


  1. Silliness, pure silliness...the odds are with you, not against you!

  2. You know I will always support you when it comes to sharks! I hate those things!
    The juvenile sharks are just going through their rebellious stage...
    I read somewhere that sharks stalk their pray like serial killers...you telling me that in all that stalking they don't notice the difference between a human and an appetizer?