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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Life According to UrbanDictionary.com

So the newest silly thing to do on Facebook is to look up the definition of your name on UrbanDictionary.com (go ahead, try it!) and post a sample definition for yourself. Good gracious...some people seem to know some very nice, and apparently super hot, Emily's out there! Here are a few examples:

1. slang term for a highly attractive and sexually intriguing individual.
ie: she drives me crazy, she's such an Emily.
2. The cutest girl you can ever meet. Most emily's have the most beautiful eyes which if stared in to long you may lose track of time. They also have the nicest body and the cutest smile. Emily's are the cutest most beautiful girls you may ever get to know. If you know an emily then you are considered lucky they will never leave you and is always there for you and you can trust them no matter what. If you date an emily never let them go, they will be your best friend for life no matter what through thick or thin.
Guy1: is that a super model
Guy2: no thats just emily
3. ...the thing is there's just really no way to define Emily. When you know her you understand how amazing she is and you will never want to be without her.
Emily. 'Nuff said.

So basically I find I am so awesome that I am undefinable...Wow, they have a lot of nice things to say about us. So then I decided to look up Emily Richardson to see what they say about me as a whole...and while there was no definition OF me there was a definition posted BY me (well, some Emily Richardson in the world which is weird and freaks me out that there are more...but there are!) and it is this:

Meaning you love someone but you love them more than the word love. You say this to people who are always there for you and always make your happy
I Loce blake more than anyone ever could. (hmmm...I wonder who Blake is...obviously SO important to me I couldn't capitalized his name properly.)

I also googled my name, which is always weird to see your name in print for things you don't know anything about and apparently I am a dead lesbian from somewhere out west and I died in a car accident with my girlfriend, Emily. (Wow, two Emily's are even better than one!) So while there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian, if thats what one decides, there is something distinctly wrong with being dead. So I want to state for the record that I LOCE being alive! I LOCE it even more than I LOCE Blake!! Enjoy!

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