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Monday, February 22, 2010

Don't You Need New Shoes to Spring Forward? I DO!!

As for adding "spring to my step," I KNOW the Nike Air insoles help...=)

Hello, followers of five...I need your help...spring has come again and I am without shoes for the season. I have selected a few but I need to wheedle it down to a maximum of 4...so I need your opinions...I love the bags but I just don't think I can afford one right now.

So take a look at the pictures at the top, follow along from left to right then top to bottom...choice number one is:

ELLY: This is a great shoe for everything. Sort of a dressed up flip flop, with shorts and skirts, casual but comfortable. This woodbury color is FANTASTIC!

JOCELYN SANDAL: THIS IS HOT!!!! I freaking love these shoes. They are good for work and casual. This color is great on this shoe!

JOCELYN WEDGE: This is a cute shoe, dressy or casual, and comfy too!

GWALTNEY: This shoe will come out in a Gunmetal Silver, and that is the color I want. It is different from ANYTHING that I have ever owned and would be a leap out of the box. Silver is the new neutral but am I that brave? will it be as versatile as some of the others?

HALSLEY: I would want this one in black. Last spring/summer I had a black flat sandal and a bronze flat sandal that I wore TO DEATH with EVERYTHING. This would be this year's black sandal since the one from last year ended up in pieces...actually, I wore the for two years...so maybe not that bad...

PHOEBE: This would be the new bronze sandal from description above. I really love the way this shoe looks, great neutral but the gold adds pizazz...

and last but not least...

VERONA: This shoe is reminiscent of a shoe I bought YEARS ago at nordstrom's for $30 on their sale rack. It went with EVERYTHING and was the perfect work shoe...

I need your help! I know, choosing which awesome shoes to buy isn't the same as saving starving children or victims of a natural disaster...in fact, this is a great problem to have...but it is still a problem...keep in mind, these shoes do not cost a lot and they are all within $5-7 of eachother so don't let that sway your opinion.


  1. I am TOTALLY digging the Jocelyn sandle. It's way hotttt and I am in LOVE. Not digging the Gwaltney b/c I am totally not on the gladiator sandle boat but I think you could absoltely pull it off if you want to! I really like the Verona too...perfect work shoe.

    I'm a big fan of Halsley and Phoebe too...you look great in the style of the Halsney, but you're right about wearing it all last summer, so maybe freshen it up a bit and go with the Phoebe! :)

  2. All over the Joslyn, as a matter of fact, if I were you I'd rock those things like there was no tomorrow :o)

    I like the Gwaltney, it's def a fashion item, needless to say, you may get one, possibly two seasons of wear out of them. Although, you could get more wear out of the Halsley as the Gwaltney is trendy.

    Verona, not a big fan of this shoe, I distinctly remember my grandmother wearing these exact same shoes in her 60's... not good to be identified with a grandmother, unless she's a trendsetter! However, I am a fan of the Verona T-Strap, that's an exciting twist on an old fav.

    I would probably go for two pairs of shoes and the last purse on the list if I had my druthers.

    Lastly, the Air Renfrow, while typically out of the norm for me to suggest this, it can be a "neutral" when it comes to pairing it with browns, blues, and whites, not to mention a beavy of other colors. It's not quite as gold-esq as some of the other's i've seen.

  3. Elly, both Jocelyn's and the Phoebe!