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Monday, January 25, 2010

Rain, Rain...Go AWAY! No wait!

So it is a dreary, rainy day. And while that usually gets me down...I have to appreciate the fact that it is WARM! I put my coat on this morning to leave the house and took it off right away! Its late January and feels like April. So, I know I shouldn't get my hopes up. Virginia is full of all types of false seasons ie: years of winter with no snow, Indian Summers that skip Fall entirely and move on to Winter and worst of all...the False Spring. I am one of those people that prefer to hibernate in Winter wishing and hoping for better weather so when we get these little spells I always hope that daggone groundhog will not come out looking for his shadow but will come out of his den carrying a beach chair and sunscreen and then we will all frolick in the sun...please let this be it. Groundhog Day is next week...someone send that rodent some Banana Boat! Pretty Please!?!

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  1. Ha-ha! I know, I am totally being deceived by the weather right now. I want to pack up all my winter clothes but I have to keep telling myself it is still January.