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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2009 and early 2010 in Recap

Wow, so it has been FOR-EV-ER since I blogged last and that is absolutely ridiculous. The last you heard from me I was pre-Half-Ironman and for all of my followers out there (haha) I could have perished via gator attack in the Savannah River for all you know! I did actually survive the race and finished tenth in my division...of eighteen (but who is counting?). And that is where I have taken one very long pause...not just in blogging but in everything really. I have been working and getting by and that sounds pathetic...so I have decided to say that I have been hibernating for the winter. (Which would also explain the layer of warmth-inducing chub around my behind) But there have been a few menion-worthy happenings in my life and I thought I would catch you up.

Well, actually nothing very interesting did happen. I have acquired a few addictions though...

I turned 29 (GASP!) and am now resolutely facing 30 with a goal of 48lbs to lose by December 1st (it was 52 so I have moved a smidge). Ideally, I could lose it like the Biggest Loser, a current obsession) in 7 weeks and be done with it. But I do not have Bob and Gillian and I cannot work out 7 hours a day. One must do what one must do. So it is on to skinnier pastures!

I got a part-time, holiday job at Cole Haan and have developed an adoring love for fine leather goods of all shapes and sizes. As if I needed to buy anything more, and it took me 3 paychecks to catch up to what I had already spent on clothes to work there and shoes to wear...but this will be the Spring of the Handbag...I am allowing myself one...or two...but have to be very, very careful in my selections...there may be a voting blog on this to come where you will be allowed to weigh in on my purse purchase.

I love my DVR...need I say more? With good friends waiting on me, like Biggest Loser, American Idol, Project Runway, INTERVENTION and even re-runs of Glee and NO TIME TO WATCH I am getting in a desperate way! =)

So now I am working on refinding my healthy obsessions (like exercise...) and meshing them in a healthy way with my less-healthy obsessions (fresh television options in the privacy of my own home and at my own convenience) and become a BALANCED person.

PS...so to tie this into triathlons somehow I will note that I had a bike fitting on Saturday with Pedal Power in Mechanicsville (great!) and am getting aerobars installed TODAY! Woo-hoo!

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  1. Intervention for your obsession with intervention!
    :) It was like having our conversation from yesterday all over again :) Yeah! (Except the part about where Sherlock Holmes had some historical inaccuracies)