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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have done it! I have moved in to my new house! I spent my third night there last night and I haven't been scared yet. It does not really seem like my house yet, well, not home at least. Its been a bit crazy! PS. I went to Braod Appetite on Sunday. It was the second time we have had the festival in Richmond and it was FANTASTIC! What a great thing for Richmond! And what yummy food! I will have to say Mosaic's Shrimp and Grits was delish as well as the 2 dishes I had from the Cous Cous booth...MMMM MMMM Good!

I have started Seal Team back up again and my Team in Training training will have to start working its way back into my schedule...GULP! It is a little intimidating what I have gotten myself into. I started Sportsbackers Marathon Training Team as well (GO PINK NATION!!) and I think I have lost my mind. I have also decided that low carb diets DO NOT work when you are trying to run. I was working really hard on Sunday to beat this girl I was running with. She caught up to me at like mile 1.5 of a 4 mile run. My goal was to kick her butt...It was only 4 miles and I thought I would DIE! (Not the first time I thought a diet would kill me) But anyway, I only barely beat her and thats b/c I had to sprint the last few meters just to win. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? And Coach Blair says we should not race each run, we should go out for easy runs...does he know me? Hee hee?

I am off this evening for an exciting night of grocery shopping, running shoe shopping and and hour or so of POLE DANCING CLASS! Wish me luck! Woo-hoo! PS....I love how in the little clipart pic I found there is even a silouette of her nipples. I won't be dancing topless though! =)