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Monday, May 4, 2009

Homeowners woes...=)

So, you think its a bit early in the homeowning process for me to have a title like that, huh? Haha...if I had a dollar for everytime someone (namely my father) said, thats what owning a home is about...I would have enough to pay to refinish the hardwood floors! =)

Knowing that I am anticipating a small windfall from Uncle Sam (thanks, Obama, for the 1st time homebuyer tax credit!), I applied for a credit card at Home Depot to get the supplies I need for home repairs. With no payments or interest for 6 months it gives me plenty of time to file my taxes and get my money, right? So crazy Home Depot gave me an insane credit limit...do these people even look at your salary these days?...and I have spent a quarter of it. I have lived relatively cheaply my whole life...my largest purchases consisting of my house and my car...and no huge shopping sprees. I thought I would pass out at the register when it came time to pay out the nose for my purchases...and my father said, "That's what owning a home is all about!"

An it turns out he is right...my floors need refinishing...my walls are coated in layer upon layer of wall paper and my time is not my own. My training and meager social life has fallen by the wayside...I am hoping at least I get to move in before I have to make my first housepayment...=)