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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TRI Season Strikes Again!!!

Its that time...time to get the wetsuit out, dust off the bike from its winter perch in the garage (real triathletes have been riding all winter...not me!), dig through the drawer for the googles and the swim cap...pay an arm and a leg for all of your upcoming race entries...and TRI season begins.

This year is particularly crucial for little, ole me. Last year my mantra came from the book, "The Short, Fat Triathlete," a sort of "Just finish it!" plan...this year...I want to go big! I (and a bunch of awesome folks) have signed up for the Augusta Half-Ironman! 70.3 miles of river current, scenic countryside and city pavement in the Georgia heat in September. My goodness! I am scared out of my wits...I am excited however that I am going to get a really big medal when I finish and its the inaugural race...so thats cool too! If I survive I will make it an annual thing, maybe...maybe not....maybe I will just get through it "short, fat triathlete" style.

But...I also am fundraising...(shameless plug) so please follow my training on my team in training website...=) http://pages.teamintraining.org/va/Augusta08/ladyem.

And I am buying a house...next week I hope!!! I am supposed to close on Tuesday at which point I am cut-off from signing up for races as I will be poor!

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