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Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh Dear...SECRETS...

So my new favorite website is called postsecrets.com. It is a blog kept by this guy where people decorate postcards and write their secrets on them and send them in anonymously. He publishes them on his blog and in his books. People even make "secret postcards" and take them to the bookstore and hide them in his books. I have to say the thought of it is pretty cathartic. But I am not that artistic...so, on his blog on myspace people post their phone numbers to receive texts...and I just texted a secret to someone random. It was cathartic. I have inserted an interesting one from the website here. They have lots, some are naughty, some are confessions to crimes and some are just silly...I will post one here...my friends and I do exercise videos at work and booby trap the room so no one can get in and catch us belly dancing or hula-ing =) Or I could say that I took a pole dancing/exotic dance class and may take some more...but I have already told everyone both of these secrets. I just think I am not a very secretive person. I can keep yours, but somehow I don't keep my own. Whenever someone compliments me on my new Dolce & Gabbana purse, I should just smile and accept the compliment...no, I say, "Thanks, I bought it for $25 bucks in NYC. IT'S A FAKE!! =) Oh well...

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  1. I love PostSecrets too!! I look forward to it every Sunday.