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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The last CRAZY, Nutty straw!!!

It is definite...I have lost my mind and I may never get it back...GULP...I officially signed up yesterday for the the Augusta 2009 Half-Ironman event. It is an innaugural event and has a really cute logo which may or may not end up tattooed somewhere on my body because this is the closest I will probably ever come to an Ironman. I have decided I will tell people that i have signed up for an Ironman series race...then I just sound like a BAD A...

(A bit of self-relection) I think I am just in a place with my life that I am, well, scared to freaking death about some of the BIG decisions I am making and aiming toward and this is a HUGE one! So, I just have to strap on my Devil may Care attitude and get on with it!! This is the equivalent of skydiving for me or a 42 year old man buying a Ferrari...***CRISIS TIME***

Anyway, in the future...just a warning...I will be soliciting funds from all of my friends and family and all of the wonderful followers of my blog because the training program is through Team in Training (TNT) with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society to raise money for education and research to cure cancer...so you have no excuses...you have all been warned...start saving now too...I have to raise $3000.00. I have started sweating already...

The TNT coach sent this video out, which to any normal person would have served as a warning to stay far away from triathlons as physically possible...but for us that are already infected it really kind of just makes you feel a little inspired and a little tempted to join in the fun...I mean crawl...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRB1p89k7_I
****I also would like to add...If I am dragged into this by one Holly McFeely, et al then I would like to repay the kindness!! I dragged Ms. Dee Shackford into it with me! Sucker! She signed up last night after I wined and dined her over a candlelight dinner...well, maybe she wined and dined me and it was only in candlelight b/c the power was out...well, anyway...we are gonna have a great little training team!! Woo-HOO!!

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