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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time to be an Adult

Ewwwww...it sounds so creepy! But I think it is time for me to officially be a grown-up. I don't want to (I whine) but I have really come to the decision that no one is going to swoop down and give me millions of dollars to live the carefree life I have chosen for myself...so...

Now, this is not an invitation for "my readers" (all two of you) to correct me when you see me being irresponsible...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am a Swingset Wooser!!

Okay, the title has a story behind it but it should suffice to say its a family joke. It basically is just saying I'm a Loser w/out saying it so openly that Dee will berate me for self-destructive talk. =) But this is a good type of being loosery, I hope. I have signed up for a super cool website called www.CalorieKing.com. It's brilliant! I have never been a calorie counter before and actually generally abhor the practice (that is until I get sucked in my this spectacular website)! You use it to track all calories going in (eating) minus all calories going out (exercising) and hope that the outcome of which is your daily target +/- 100 Calories. It's tough!! But encouraging.

I actually used this website to encourage me to get out of the bed this morning to go to Seal Team. Picture this: The alarm goes off at 4:30am, I get up to relieve myself, decide I am cold and tired and climb back into the bed after disabling my second alarm. I laid there trying to go back to sleep and all the while all I can think of is the fact that I am supposed to get delicious Thai food this evening with my good friend, Vanessa...and that extra 780 calories (earned by running for an hour) would sure make that experience soooo much more enjoyable. So...I got out of bed and ran! It was tough but this is the first time at a Seal Team Run Option that I almost got to 6 miles in 55 min. All I needed was 0.3 miles faster! Next time!!!

I also have discovered that no matter what I do, I will never burn in Hell b/c it actually has frozen over! I know, Crazy! Someone tell the Pope! How do I come to have this insider information? Well, I came home Tuesday evening, from a long, hard day at work. I was minding my own business when I was asked by my father to assist him in a grand endeavor. He wanted me to proof read a couple of things he said. He was building HIS OWN WEBSITE!!! This is the man who doesn't know how to check his e-mail or that he even has e-mail! I was so proud of him!

Well, That's all I have for today folks...

Monday, September 15, 2008

10 Year Reunion!!

This is the year for 10 year reunions, is't it? I am supposed to have my High School reunion for good old Atlee High School class of 1998, but we haven't heard anything about it except maybe meeting at a bar downtown. How lame is that? What do you think we elected our class president for except this? This is the culmination of 11 years of supporting our class presidency and THIS is ALL we get? Blah!! Lame-O!!!

Second reunion- 10 years of Seal Team PT...well, its only my 2 year reunion, but they have been around for 10. We had a super fun, 2 hour workout at Belle Isle Saturday...I thought I would die after the first hour but was able to maintain...it was great!!! Then we had a super fun bash at the posh Westwood Club in Richmond, Va...we are moving up in the world...=)

Okay, so I put a contract on a house last week. I really liked it, but the counter-offered and I freaked out and walked away. I think being grown up and making a bad decision and having to live with it scares me. Luckily, my slaes manager gave me some great advice about this house in particular and the deal we offered that made me question my decision. I am still looking but my commitment issues might actually cripple me in this circumstance. I also need to make more money...any suggestions?