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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Upcoming Challenges...Utter Insanity

So, despite the melange of injuries plaguing my poor self, I have a Half Marathon to run this weekend in Virginia Beach. It's Rock'N'Roll time again and I am just so glad that they changed the course to make it a little more reasonable. Last year the last 3 miles were on the blazing hot boardwalk with no shade and with the finish line visible but you would never, ever get to it...It was a mirage! So, this year, they changed it around a little bit so it is only about a mile on the actual boardwalk...Yeah! Thank goodness for small miracles.

Now the big trouble is finding a restaurant to hold the 17+ group that needs to Carbo Load the night before! Pasta!! YUMMY!!!

I survived my first jumping lesson in like 14 years!! I didn't fall off and I didn't totally suck either...I also got a little lovin' from Cruise, the horse that Colin rode. I am riding Smartie, Ellen Miles' Horse. And I am super grateful for her impromptu lesson! See pictures above!

I also would like to put in writing the fact that I have made a commitment to my friend Lacy (sorry Dee, I totally am failing our Oct 14th deadline) but I need to be a minimum of 1 dress size lower by Christmas party dress time this year...I am hoping for 2...but we'll see!! I am still 50 lbs off from my dream, perfect, wonderful goal weight...so...I will have to take it a week at a time. I am weighing in at Weight Watchers on Fridays at noon. I am requiring myself to Log-in here and blog the results. Maybe if the whole world can see when I can't put the fork down then I will learn some self control. I have actually done really well this week! I am very proud of me!

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  1. Hello stranga...good to hear what's going on with you from your blog. Never get to see you in real life :(

    Come see your gimp big sista sometime.

    (I sound like a grumpy old person grouching about no visitors...)