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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Training is fun, training is fun, training is fun, training is fun...

I just have to keep telling myself that...
Maybe it will be true! Ouch! This week has kicked my Behind!! Saturday brought a trip to Busch Gardens (my first time ever!) where water was like $3.00 a bottle so I was slightly dehydrated, not to mention nauseous from the heat and the roller coasters...did I mention I am afraid of heights? Sunday brought a 10 miler, 10.2 to be exact, in the heat w/little water (b/c I don't yet own a fuel belt...that will soon be remedied). Monday brought a new training session with Endorphin Fitness...supposed to be a bike and a brick run...but idiot here forgot her running shoes...THEN got even more wiped out by the heat! I looked at houses in the ghetto on Tuesday, I am casually shopping...and Seal Team today and I am starting riding lessons...YEAH, I WIN!!! I am so very excited. Dan happens to think that the reputation of the horse is one of the biggest publicity campaigns for which humans fall. They are portrayed as majestic and elegant, when he says they really are just stinky, sweaty beasts...he is right, but boy, is it fun to ride. It will NOT be fun to be using muscles I haven't used in years though and race on Saturday...
Which brings us to...THE HOMETOWN WATERBOY!!! This might actually be the only race on the face of the Earth that I may actually place in my division...b/c there are like 12 competitors in the whole thing, but thats alright with me. i will take what I can get...and I want to win...we will see if that is all bluster on Saturday! That's also if I can manage to drink enough so I do not DIE!!

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