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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dating Websites and other nonsense

So, referring back to the last post where I was dumped, haha...I thought I would use a riding reference here and say that I am determined to get back on the horse...figuratively speaking, of course, b/c I guess I never was really on it in the first place. Anyway, I have found the torture that is worse than an ice bath, which is signing up for dating websites. Oh gracious, why do we do this to ourselves? I am quite certain, somehow, that I will notmeet Mr. Right online. That is not to say it is not possible, I know some very happy couples who have met and married from online introductory sites, but for some reason I just don't think it will be that way for me. So, because I feel as though I have nothing to lose I have decided to try and get some practice...I will keep you filled in on how this whole online dating catastrophe progresses...=)

For the record, Miss Dee...pom poms is appropriate when referring to the cheerleading props...see website for details...http://getpoms.com/

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  1. Just think of me and Joe whenever you are reluntant about dating websites :) Who'da thunk?