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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Upcoming Challenges...Utter Insanity

So, despite the melange of injuries plaguing my poor self, I have a Half Marathon to run this weekend in Virginia Beach. It's Rock'N'Roll time again and I am just so glad that they changed the course to make it a little more reasonable. Last year the last 3 miles were on the blazing hot boardwalk with no shade and with the finish line visible but you would never, ever get to it...It was a mirage! So, this year, they changed it around a little bit so it is only about a mile on the actual boardwalk...Yeah! Thank goodness for small miracles.

Now the big trouble is finding a restaurant to hold the 17+ group that needs to Carbo Load the night before! Pasta!! YUMMY!!!

I survived my first jumping lesson in like 14 years!! I didn't fall off and I didn't totally suck either...I also got a little lovin' from Cruise, the horse that Colin rode. I am riding Smartie, Ellen Miles' Horse. And I am super grateful for her impromptu lesson! See pictures above!

I also would like to put in writing the fact that I have made a commitment to my friend Lacy (sorry Dee, I totally am failing our Oct 14th deadline) but I need to be a minimum of 1 dress size lower by Christmas party dress time this year...I am hoping for 2...but we'll see!! I am still 50 lbs off from my dream, perfect, wonderful goal weight...so...I will have to take it a week at a time. I am weighing in at Weight Watchers on Fridays at noon. I am requiring myself to Log-in here and blog the results. Maybe if the whole world can see when I can't put the fork down then I will learn some self control. I have actually done really well this week! I am very proud of me!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dating Websites and other nonsense

So, referring back to the last post where I was dumped, haha...I thought I would use a riding reference here and say that I am determined to get back on the horse...figuratively speaking, of course, b/c I guess I never was really on it in the first place. Anyway, I have found the torture that is worse than an ice bath, which is signing up for dating websites. Oh gracious, why do we do this to ourselves? I am quite certain, somehow, that I will notmeet Mr. Right online. That is not to say it is not possible, I know some very happy couples who have met and married from online introductory sites, but for some reason I just don't think it will be that way for me. So, because I feel as though I have nothing to lose I have decided to try and get some practice...I will keep you filled in on how this whole online dating catastrophe progresses...=)

For the record, Miss Dee...pom poms is appropriate when referring to the cheerleading props...see website for details...http://getpoms.com/

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Icebaths and Insanity!!

This week has been quite the interesting one for me...

Last Friday I was dumped...for the first time ever...I know, I know...I am a grown up, how is that possible? Well, I will just say that it is.

Last Saturday I won my age group at the race I was in, The Hometown Waterboy! I took almost 9 minutes off of last year's time, which for such a small race, is great!! I owe it all to SpeeDee and her pink pompoms!! (and most certainly not to my poor pre-race preparations, ie: sleepless night thinking about Friday's fun!)

Then to add insult to injury then to victory then another insult...my phone crapped out while I was deleting some texts...ummm, see above description of Friday night...and I lost all of my data...phone numbers, pictures and even the video of my co-worker sleeping at his desk, SNORING! There are some things in this world that can't be replaced.

I also officially started horseback riding AGAIN (for the first time in about 10 years!) and I thought I was in shape. There are clearly muscles that do not get used in at least 3 of the sports I do because I have recently found them. And I found them because they were in pain. A lot of pain. Last weeks horse assignment, Gabe, dragged me around the ring and I could hardly stop him. This week's assignment was Sadie, and I could hardly make her move! I have a GIANT bruise on my calf and took my very first icebath as a result...which leads me to the next subject...icebaths...

Could there be another form of torture so complete as the icebath? It is so wrong in so many ways...and we do it to ourselves!! Yuck! There is actually a procedure to this madness. Here are the necessary steps to doing it right.
1. Get a 10 lb bag of ice and disrobe (already things are all wrong)
2. Start running a bath, cold water now...
3. Get in and let it fill up to your waist or until desired body part is covered.
4. Turn off water.
5. Open 10 lb bag of ice.
6. Look at it with dread.
7. Yes, you will need to dump it eventually.
8. Look at it again.
9. Close your eyes and dump.
10. Stick your fairly warm dry hands into ice cold water and swish ice all around.
11. Set clock for 10 minutes.
12. umm...relax?
13. Look at clock...2 minutes down...
14. You get the drift.
15. 10 Minutes passes...biggest rule...MOVE SLOWLY...not that you have any choice, your limbs and appendages are frozen. Literally.
16. Drift off into a peaceful dream...you are warm, you are cozy, no wait, you have fallen alseep in the ice cold bath and are dying of hypothermia.
17. Rinse and repeat...kidding.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Training is fun, training is fun, training is fun, training is fun...

I just have to keep telling myself that...
Maybe it will be true! Ouch! This week has kicked my Behind!! Saturday brought a trip to Busch Gardens (my first time ever!) where water was like $3.00 a bottle so I was slightly dehydrated, not to mention nauseous from the heat and the roller coasters...did I mention I am afraid of heights? Sunday brought a 10 miler, 10.2 to be exact, in the heat w/little water (b/c I don't yet own a fuel belt...that will soon be remedied). Monday brought a new training session with Endorphin Fitness...supposed to be a bike and a brick run...but idiot here forgot her running shoes...THEN got even more wiped out by the heat! I looked at houses in the ghetto on Tuesday, I am casually shopping...and Seal Team today and I am starting riding lessons...YEAH, I WIN!!! I am so very excited. Dan happens to think that the reputation of the horse is one of the biggest publicity campaigns for which humans fall. They are portrayed as majestic and elegant, when he says they really are just stinky, sweaty beasts...he is right, but boy, is it fun to ride. It will NOT be fun to be using muscles I haven't used in years though and race on Saturday...
Which brings us to...THE HOMETOWN WATERBOY!!! This might actually be the only race on the face of the Earth that I may actually place in my division...b/c there are like 12 competitors in the whole thing, but thats alright with me. i will take what I can get...and I want to win...we will see if that is all bluster on Saturday! That's also if I can manage to drink enough so I do not DIE!!