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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wow, I need to be much more clever with my titles

I thought I would actually write something not just about training, although that will fo sho come into it. I am going to the RIVAH tomorrow, you did not misunderstand...here in the BIG VA the "Rivah" is a summer staple, not to be confused with the River...The funny thing is the actual body of water is not a river at all, but the Chesapeake Bay...the Rivah is a state of mind and I am supah dupah excited!! Wow, a real vacation, even if it is only for the weekend. So, how big a loser am I that I have every intention of getting a pedicure and a fake tan after work tonight so I will be extra hot (ummm...yeah, right) for the beach. What that really means is that I am going to try to tone down the whiteness of my thighs so someone doesn't think Moby Dick has been beached...the White Whale!
Also, I am going to bring my new bike (the ever fabulous "Petunia" a purple and white Fuji Finets 2.0 w/flowers!!) and my running shoes and get some fun in while I am down there. I have mapped out a bike course for Dan and I while we're down there, then everyone will hit the beach (Colin, Kelly, Vanessa, Dan and me!) and we will make some dinner and play some board games...sounds so thrilling, right? But to me it actually does...yeah! Then everyone is going home and I get some rest and relaxation for myself on Sunday while all those crazy kids are doing their marathon training! SUCKERS! (Unfortunately, I will be doing some running, I am not sure I will get in the whole 10 miles by myself, though...WILLPOWER!)
I would just like to say, life is pretty daggone good right now. The rest of my summer is going to be fun-filled and very busy but I get 4 more races, 3 more trips, a fancy day at the races w/a gorgeous hat for the birthday of a very cute boy...=) oh yeah, and lots and lots of training...=(

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